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Sites require web hosting.
Choose from our web hosting packages
We offer several packages which cater well for small to medium sized projects and each package is designed for a specific use:

Micro is designed for a site with minimal content such as a basic introduction, advert or landing page. This package contains no databases, so generally only static designs are applicable. Existing static designs from free web host design systems would find this suitable, as well as other simplistic sites. You could also use this package without a web site for the email service.

Standard is designed for an individual or business that needs to maintain their site and access email. This package has access to one (1) database and can be used with our Business CMS software or any other MySQL based software. By using a static design for your front-end, you could also use a MySQL powered store or Blog to power or promote your business.

Pro is designed for a professional business that will expand over time. This package offers the most freedom and could be used to host several services such as our Business CMS software for the front-end, an online store to sell your products and a Blog to help with promotion. This is currently our most popular web hosting package.

Storage Space250 MB500 MB1000 MB
Monthly Bandwidth10 GB20 GB40 GB
MySQL Databases013
Email Accounts135
FTP Accounts135
Sub Domains2610
Parked Domains135
Yearly Price£20£30£40

More details about storage space
Storage space is a place to store files such as the HTML content pages, images and any other files pertaining to your web site. The overall amount is shared with other package features such as MySQL database and email accounts.

It is critical that you plan ahead to avoid running out of space while your web site is operational, otherwise you may not be able to modify or expand things later on. If you are unsure about your storage space requirements then please contact us and we will try to recommend the best package for your needs.

More details about monthly bandwidth
Monthly bandwidth is the amount of traffic that your web hosting package can use each month. When the bandwidth limit is reached, your web site will be unavailable, so it is important to purchase the correct amount for your needs.

Web sites with a small amount of optimized images and content-light pages would not normally reach the bandwidth limit unless they receive a large amount of visitors. If you are unsure about your monthly bandwidth requirements then please contact us and we will try to recommend the best package for your needs.