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Static pages and CMS.
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We offer several packages which cater well for small to medium sized projects and each package is designed for a specific use:

Static Site is a group of HTML pages and images that are hosted on the web server. All content is already rendered and ready for viewing, which means there is little to no dynamic content. They are ideal for projects that will not change much in the future. The down side to a Static Site is that you cannot easily edit the content without having a good understanding of HTML structure. *

Business CMS is a project that is the result of over 5 years of experimentation with the PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript technologies. It is a web site in a box software that uses a database to store the page content and can be easily updated using a dedicated admin panel. The down side to the Business CMS is you need a license in order to use the admin features. **

Bespoke Site is a complete custom project that is built from the ground up, based on your specification. This type of project can be quite high maintenance and requires a lot of planning beforehand. There is no way to tell how long a project may take to complete, so client and host coordination is critical. The down side to a Bespoke Site is the much higher price.

*  You can hire MancWeb Design or any other company to update a static site for an hourly fee. Static sites may also be compatible with web site builders.
** License renewal comes free with every MancWeb Design web hosting for Standard or Pro. Five (5) year license can also be purchased for external web hosts.

Static SiteBusiness CMSBespoke Site
Maximum Pages510Negotiable
Requires DatabaseNOYESNegotiable
Requires LicenseNOYESNegotiable
Administration PanelNoYesNegotiable
Basic SupportNoYesYes
Full SupportNoNoYes
Total Price£100£200£800

Consider using our Business CMS
We understand that not everyone is technically minded when it comes to designing and operating a web site and this is the reason we ended up building our Business CMS software. Our software not only allows us to quickly create your web site to a standard that works well, it also allows you or another party to login and update the content.

The software works on a TAG based system, which simplifies the HTML language normally used in web sites. Instead of having to learn the ins and outs of HTML, you simply tell us what features you may need and we implement those features. The TAG codes are named to reflect what is going on in each section of the page, so it is much easier for you to update things in future.

One of the best reasons to consider purchasing the Business CMS over a Static Site is that we are able to offer minor updates to those who are not comfortable editing their site. You give us the instructions for updating your page and we take care of the rest. If you plan to update your site quite often then purchasing this instead of a Static Site could save money later.

Software updates contain new features and extra functionality. Updates are included for all license holders. If your site is hosted on one of our hosting packages then we will handle the update and configuration process to save you some time. There are user guides available for the Business CMS in the help section of our client support area.

Minor updates are classed as editing a block of text, replacing images and changing some colours or formatting; we won't redesign your web site or add major features. If any update would take close to or longer than 15 minutes then it is classed as administration. Minor updates are limited to once per week for each Business CMS web site.