Previous experience

Why are we good at what we do?
Finding out what works best
Since being children we have always sought knowledge and tried to learn how things work. We know that with a lot of general experimentation and testing, comes understanding and finally, experience.

We disassemble anything we can get our hands on then put it back together to try and understand how it functions and why it was designed that way. We know this is the ultimate way to learn how things work.

Converting information into results
Before designing specialized web sites we specialized in PC repair, building, and salvaging. During our time as technicians we learnt a lot about the delicate balance of unique components that make up a working system.

After spending several years studying web based programming languages, we decided to start building our own systems. Over time we built a series of smaller projects, which would later become parts of the software we use today.

Where we stand right now
The internet is gaining more and more new users every day, so we are offering a range of services starting with web site design and hosting. With a strong understanding of how these things work, we are aiming to support new users.

We're also interested in other services like mobile and graphic design, administration, photography and video production. Long term goals include game design and large scale, multi-platform projects.