Web Design and Hosting

Simple, advanced and customised services.
About what we do
We have arrived after two decades of researching, building, repairing, upgrading and using computers so we know all about tweaking something critically. We pride ourselves on spending the time to make sure things work.

When we say "we want your project to shine", we really mean it because we ourselves would expect nothing less. Some companies falsely offer you the world, we on the other hand offer something more realistic!

What we actually do
Programming is the heart of all software and we are familiar with a myriad of languages. With experience on desktop, remote, embedded and mobile devices we are able to offer a variety of bespoke services.

There's always bound to be bugs in any system and we so pride ourselves on being thorough when testing. Re-factoring code to be more efficient and less buggy is also important and we're not happy until the end result is clean and compact.

In short: we like to study, design and optimize things.

Why choose us?
Choose us for the same reason that people choose us for their PC repairs. We are honest and straight to the point, we never force anyone to make a decision they feel isn't correct for their circumstances, we always try to explain things in a little more depth if people are intrigued by something we've done and finally, we aim for the cheapest prices!

We work hard and don't rest until we are absolutely confident that our client is happy, we treat your business as if it were our own and aim to provide you with the required content, as soon as possible and without failure.